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Magictail´s Armando
1994 - 2007

Magictail's Armando, the 1st. male Coton de Tulear in Argentina died on Sept. 8, 2007

His photos in Finland:

His photos in Argentina:

Kind words of some friends:

Hi Mirta.
I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Magictail Armando. My deepest condolenc to you and your family. A dog healthy to 14 years, what more can one ask for.
He will live forever in your heart.
Best wishes,
Liv Anne

Hola Mirta.
Siento tanto oír de su pérdida de Magictail´s Armando. Mi condolencias más profundo a usted y su familia. Un perro sano a 14 años, lo que más puede uno preguntar para.
Él vivirá para siempre en su corazón.
Liv Anne

I am so sorry, Armando is dead:( I can understand perfectly, how you feel!!! I have also lost my two dear old cotons. It is so sad, but as you, when times goes, it becomes to be a little easier by step by step to think them!

I wanted to hold you just now!!

Dear Mirta,

I just read your message about Armando at the coton forum. I am really sorry for you and your boy Armando. He was a great dog and all people that know him, will be keep him in there heart.

Hugs from France,
Clarisse KUNTZ
La Vanille Bourbon
It is never easy to say goodby to a pet that has shared your joys and sorrows for the past fourteen years,As you mourn his passing try to dwell on all the happy times that you shared with him and remember how much he loved you also
Brenda Magnon
Dear Mirta,

I got a chok in the morning, reading this sad message from Liliane. Please take my condolence, it must be terrible for you and your family, missing this wonderful studdog. He looked so wonderful - I am sure you have many offspring he have given his look too.This must you make glad in this sorrow time.
How are you doing Mirta, long time we not have written to each other, hoping all is god there.
Brigitte Jespersen


Please let your friend, Mirta Treffileti, know how sorry I am to hear of her Magictail's passing.

He was a beautiful dog!

Carol Baker

Liliana, por favor, hacele saber a tu amiga, Mirta Treffileti cuánto lamento oir sobre la muerte de Magictail's.
Era un perro bello.

Carol Baker
Dear Mirta,

I was with tears in my eyes that I read about your loss… the passing of the
very handsome Armando. I am very sorry for you and your family. I know how
very painful it is when one of our beloved pets crossed the rainbow bridge
and my heart goes out to you.
I know you don't know me, I am not actively posting on the groups but I lurk
to keep up on the health issues concerning our wonderful breed. I am a
breeder in Canada, located in Brampton which is just outside of Toronto,
Ontario. That you do not know me is not important because the pain that we
feel when we lose one of our babies is universal… we all can feel and
understand this terrible loss.
Please accept my condolences to you and your family.

Kind regards,
Sonja Femia
Cottoncandy Cotons Reg'd

Please give my sympathies to Mirta, she must be broken hearted at the lost of her beloved Armando and she will miss him so. Thank you for giving her message to us.
Mirta, we are so sorry to hear of your Magictail Armando.
Please accept our condolence for your loss. Ruth

Mirta, estamos dolidos de escuchar sobre tu Magictail Armando. Por favor, aceptá nuestras condolencias por tu pérdida.

Se muy bien cuanto amas a cada uno de tus perros y cuanto les dedicas, solo quería decirte que de alguna manera estoy si necesitas, se positivamente que en sus descendientes lo veras siempre, por una mirada, el porte, alguna actitud, lo que sea.
El ya esta bien ahora, sin dolor y como yo creo, en el "Arco Iris" donde cuando nos toque nos reuniremos con todos nuestros queridos animales.
Te envío un abrazo y un cariño sincero.
De corazón,
Diego, El Chino
Mirta te enviamos un gran abrazo, que otra cosa se puede hacer cuando nos deja uno de nuestros queridos amigos, mas que acompañar en el dolor.
Quienes criamos Napos (por características de la raza) sufrimos eso demasiado seguido, por eso imaginamos como te sentirás en este momento; pero así y todo no nos acostumbramos, quizás el día que eso suceda habrá llegado el momento de abandonar la crianza.
Un beso
Sergio e Inés de la Iglesia
Vendetta di Camorra
Mastines Napolitanos
Hola Mirta:

lamento muchísimo lo de Armando. Cuando entré a la página y lo vi en la parte de homenajes....me quería morir!

Te mando un beso enorme, espero que nos veamos esta semana
Hi again,

I´m very sorry to hear you´ve had such a sad year so far! Sometimes these bad and sad things just comes at once!

Armando died to old age? He was a wonderful boy! I competed against him with my dogs many times in he´s young age..... I´m sure you miss him dearly!

Minna Hietamäki
Cheriban Coton de Tuléar

Hola Mirtha, no conoci a tu perris, lo siento mucho, como alguien te dijo se durmio para siempre pero estando a tu lado y recibiendo seguramente todo tu amor de tantos años,
Te mando un beso,
Cecilia Curutchet



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